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About the bakery

White bread reached the Japanese from Europe, first with traders toward the end of the nineteenth century, later in the wake of the American military occupation after the Second World War. It's in 2013 that we decided to open "Centre The Bakery", a specialized shop focused on white bread in Ginza, at Tokyo. Due to a big success,  it's in november 2017 that we opened "Carré Pain de Mie", in Rambuteau at Paris in order to introduce this idea in France. 

  Our bread refers to three japanese concepts : "motchi motchi" for its softness that reminds of the japanese rice cake, "shittori" for the melting-in-the-mouth aspect and "sakkuri" for crusty on the outside but still fluffy on the inside. 

     On top of our bakery, you can enjoy our catering service as well. On the Carré's menu, we offer you sandwiches and sweet desserts, made with our bread done everyday on the spot by our master baker. 

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